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Central Chemical Supply System
Automated equipment that remotely supplies various
chemical to production equipment through supply
piping for semiconductors, displays and IT industries
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Automation :
- Bulk chemical supply for semiconductor and display
- Acid, Alkali and Solvent delivery system
- ACQC for high flow chemical (automatic connection system)
- Various automation related to chemical systems are available
- Mixing and dilution for semiconductor and display
- High purity & flow
- TCM (Total Chemical Management)
- Fully automated system
- No contamination and particle
- System data monitoring (flow rate, pressure, etc.) on CMS
- Turnkey Package
chemical delivery module piping, cabling (signal) valve manifold box (VMB) monitoring system
- Easy to operate with touch screen
- Automatic/semi-automatic/manual mode with PLC
- Optimal design by 3D CAD for easy maintenance
- Particle and metal impurities controlled to customer's quality standard
- CO2 fire extinguisher and auto fire damper provided for solvent
- Warranty covers preventive maintenance service every 6 months
- ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certified