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Reflow & Wet Blast


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    Application - Fluxless Reflow for solder Bump Ball, Cu pillar & CoW Chip Bonding of the HBM
    - Vacuum or ATM Reflow System
    Advantages - Void-free Bump Ball Performance
    - Various Temperature Profile (Step & Slope Type)
    - Outstanding O2 Density Control(<1ppm) at Every Process
    - Conduction & Convection Heating Chamber System
    - No Chip Sliding on the Flip Chip Process
    - Temp Control : 250±1% (Max.450℃) Real Time Monitoring of Process Wafer Temp.
    - Process gas : Formic acid or no Reactant gas
    - Process Pressure : Vaccum / ATM Process
    - EFEM(2 or 3 Port) : SEMI Standards