Strategic partner of semiconductor and display industry

CEO Greeting

Greetings to our customers and stockholders,

Recently STI has become a recognized mid-sized company in Korea.
All of this achievement are the result of a concerted effort by stockholders,
executives and employees to impress customers.
As semiconductor and display equipment manufacturer, STI has been manufactured core equipment such as C.C.S.S and Wet systems has been localized for import replacement.

In addition, Inkjet equipment and Refining systems used in the OLED field have completed development and are in the process of quantification. In particular, inkjet equipment is currently being developed in the post-process lamination process applied to mobile and tablet PCs due to its wide application.

STI has expanded market not only in Korea but also in other countries such as Taiwan, China, and Singapore, establishing a close network of overseas cooperation networks in major countries. All employees will move in one direction to become a global company that plays a key role in the semiconductor and display industry and realize the benefits of customers and shareholders through continuous research and development, technology value management and customer satisfaction, and further contribute to the national industry.

Please keep an eye on our customers and stockholders as STI takes a step forward.

Thank you.